Problems with the electrical outlets


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Problems with the electrical outlets

In my basement I had a hair dryer plugged in as well as other devices in other outlets in the room once the hair dryer was turned on all of the outlets stopped working except on one wall that is close to the laundry room. The lights still work but I cannot get the outlets to work except on the one wall. I have checked the breaker and it seems to be fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Flip the breaker fully off, then back on again. Sometimes they trip, but don't completely move from one side to the other. It might need a little help.
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See if one of the outlets is a GFCI. If that tripped, all other outlets on that line will be out as well.
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My first thought is you tripped a GFCI. Can be a nightmare trying to find the receptacle sometimes....
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would a house thats a little over 20 years old have a GFCI?
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would a house thats a little over 20 years old have a GFCI
GFCIs are often added after the build date to bring things up to current code. Both unfinished basements, which this at one time may have been, and bathrooms require GFCI protection under modern code.
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would a house thats a little over 20 years old have a GFCI?
My last house was built in 1908. When I sold it in 1997, it had GFCI protection on the two small appliance circuits in the kitchen, in each bathroom, in the basement, and outside. I had added those when I rewired it in 1983, to bring it into compliance with the code that was in effect then.
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20 yrs old? Yes, it will have GFCI. My house in VA was built in 1990, as is this one, and bathrooms, garage, kitchen, laundry, and outdoor outlets are all GFCI protected.

In VA, an outlet in the garage covered both baths and the outdoor, as I remember. Kitchen and laundry room had their own.

I believe there is a sticky at the top of the Topic about dead outlets..... it is....

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