Blocked ground on three prong outlet


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Blocked ground on three prong outlet

I recently bought a house built in 1980. The wall outlets all have workable three prong top outlets, but the bottom outlets have the grounds blocked for some reason. Has anyone seen this before? I'm guessing that the bottom outlets are not grounded and made to accept only two-prong plugs. Makes me nervous that the top outlets aren't grounded either, but fake three-prong outlets. It's really annoying as it makes half the outlets in the house unusable for today's appliances.

Any suggestions?
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Are you sure it's not paint? I have seen a newly painted house and the painters covered everything including the outlets
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Only one ground connection for both halves of a duplex receptacle so if one half is grounded the other half will be also. Have you opened the receptacles and looked for a ground wire? How are they blocked? Just filled in with maybe paint as Circuitbreaker suggests?
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Replace them. A house built on 1980 will have a grounding means.

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