Reliance Transfer Switch Panels


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Reliance Transfer Switch Panels

Finally got my Reliance Q310 about 2 weeks ago, after ordering it the 1st week of December.

Just opened it to see what I was working with. Seems pretty straight-forward EXCEPT that the top part (where the have gen versus line switches), they have it riveted onto the chassis.

The wiring/flex is not long enough from where I plan to mount the transfer panel relative to the breaker box.

Not sure what the lesser of 2 evils is.
Cleanly remove the rivets so I can gain access to the switching (wiring) and do 1 straight wire from switch back to the panel.

And or just splice all the wires inside the Transfer switch, using their wires.....and then splicing into the longer flex, new wires I had intended to use.
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My opinion is to return the transfer panel. Instead use a transfer switch in conjunction with a 100 or 125 ampere main lugs only (MLO) circuit breaker panel.
The cost will be comparable and you will have a far better installation.

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