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Help finding part -

I need this, but with female anderson PP75 connectors at the other end of the 12v car utility adaptor. Any Ideas? with X gauge wire large enough to carry 12 - 13.5vdc 15amp (+/- 200 watt) electricity at the minimum.

I'm getting frustrated here, thanks for all your help
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I didn't think Powerpoles had gender. They slide together to form a two pole you slide them together to form the correct polarity matching plug.

I'm not sure what vehicle you are using this in but most cigarette lighter wells are fused at 10 amps and have very small connecting wires. You may to create a fused circuit directly from the battery or distribution block in the vehicle.
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Try checking RC hobby suppliers. It's common to run pretty heavy DC current loads for charging and for battery connections. I use Deans brand connectors which have one blade turned 90 degrees so you can't connect it backwards but there must be another brand connector similar to what you need.
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well I am in a part of the world where there is only 50hz current, I need 60 Hz, have a 300 watt gopower pure sine inverter and a max burton 200 watt 15 amp 12v car utility converter running from the local grid. the loads I am drawing won't half 200 watts. But the 12vdc input on the inverter only has pp 75amp connectors. So I have to go from a car utility connector to pp75. The back of the inverter says "Use Female PP75 Anderson connectors only". Does sound odd I know, but it has to be out there.
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Here is the link to Anderson Power Products page for the PP75.
Powerpole Connectors
On the left side is a menu and it includes distributors and reps.
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I emailed carmanah who made the Inverter for advice, waiting. They have near the highest ratings for inverters, I emailed a local "good" electronic distributor in new york to see if they can't specially make a cable. I'll email anderson also. I don't understand it really. Putting rated up to 120 amp connectors on a 300 watt 12v inverter. as per your link.
means the connectors are rated for 1440 watts. Granted I'm naive when it comes to APP connections. just needed a quality pure sine wave to power 80 watt sensitive equipment. Didn't think 300 watts would need such power.
thank you

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