Question regarding wiring


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Question regarding wiring

Ok so I am trying to install a new ceiling fan/ light fixture, I took the old one out because you could not turn it off and it was very old and falling apart. My wiring is confusing me- this is how it looks- A on/off switch is at the top of the stair way which when turned on turned the fan on/off as well as the garage lights- the wiring coming in on one side meaning from the on/off switch is- white/black/copper/ and red ( red is confusing me, I know it's a hot wire assumed) so this wiring stops at the ceiling box, the other side coming in has 2 lines my guess is one that controls the garage lights - white/black,copper,red- second line white/black/copper. So how the heck do I wire this and is this ok to do?? What is the red wire controlling??

The box is another question in itself, I put in a new one, I will have to take pics for you to understand what I am talking about. The box is placed in a hallowed out log- it's part of my cabin/man cave.
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I forgot to mention, you can turn the old fan off by the switch but the control of the fan you could not turn off because the pull string broke, so everytime you turn on the switch the fan would strat blowing.
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You need to use a multimeter or test light (but not a non contact tester) to determine where the hot cable comes in. Measurements should be made with wires diaconnected. Be sure to record connections before disconnecting for measuring.

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