CCTV wiring


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CCTV wiring

I am planning to install some security cameras on the entrance and on the roof of my home.
I need to fish my wires and bring it to behind the walls.
I looked at how I can fish the wires in the attic, but the place where I can fish the wires behind the walls is completely dark and very unreachable.

What tools should I get from my local home depot/lowes to have the wires fished out from a cable outlet in the wall with 1 person in the attic ?
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There are many tricks to fishing walls. I have used string with a weight tied to the end, jack chain (my favorite), fiberglass "fish stix", and broken tape measures to name a few. It is hard to say which will work in your case without seeing what you have but in most cases it is easiest to drill a hole through the top plate and drop down into the wall cavity, rather then pushing up.

IF you already have a cable tv outlet there you could tie on a string and pull it up, and then pull it back down with the additional cable tied on.
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Fishing wires on exterior walls is always a challenge due to insulation and lack of access from the attic if they are on the 'low' part of the roof.

Fish tape works well, though I do like the fish-poles (1/4" bendy fiberglass poles that go where you want them to go (usually)). You may still need to make a couple holes in the drywall to get through the top plates. Also, fishing wires is 100x easier with 2 people. Often doable with one, but much easier with two.

Where exactly are you trying to get from/to? Are there overhangs on your roof that could be used? Maybe some pictures and we can help come up with some solutions.

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