An alternative use for an alternator


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An alternative use for an alternator

Hello all,

I am currently working on a system to charge and run some appliances out in my garage at home, to cut back on our electrical use. Now, so far, the plan I'm working on seems to work, but I'm hitting a snag on the battery charging portion of it. I'll be using a 12v, 110 amp alternator running on a gear ratio off of a bike (So I can charge it myself). The ratio would be 26:1, allowing for an rpm of 300 from the bike to run the alternator at ideal rpm and power. However, I would like to then put a charger between a 24v battery pack, and a 12v pack that has been wired for around 300-500ah (To maintain the health of the primary battery pack. I really could care less about the charge capacity of the initial batteries, they're only there to regulate the voltage coming off of the alternator). What resistors/fuses would I need to use? Would I need fuses between the alternator and the initial battery? Like I mentioned before, I have everything else figured out, the inverter to convert to household electricity, the wiring of the battery pack. I only need help with the intermediary between the battery packs.
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Welcome to the forums.

I'm a little hazy on what your project is. I get the idea that you're going to generate 12 volts from an alternator, driven from bike pedals, to charge a 12 volt battery pack that will the run a 12 volt to 120 vac inverter.

I hope you have strong legs......if will

You want to charge a 24v battery pack from a 12v battery pack/charging system ?
I'm trying to figure out the need for a 24 v battery.
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Kind of.

To make it clearer, the 24v-12v transition is because I want to use a battery charger (To extend the life of the primary pack) inbetween the batteries powered directly by the alternator, and the batteries in the main pack. The problem is that I can't find a good charger that is 12v, only a good 24v system, hence the need for the voltage differential. if it would help, I can post an image of the diagram I'm working on.

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