Electrical parameter measuring work bench


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Post Electrical parameter measuring work bench

Dear all.
I have an SMPS with me with a connected load(LED light)
I have only two terminals of input AC supply,which are open. I need to design a workbench which can check I/P voltage, Current, PF, THD, Wattage all in one. there will be 5 separate meters to measure each individuals. I just need to know how these meters will be connected in series or parallel.
What are the precautions which need to be taken while making this test bench.

i have a auto transformer with me, so i also want to have a voltage range feature in this.
like at 85V, what is the all other parameters, at 150V, what are all other parameters etc.

Please suggest some good electrical connection diagram with all necessary precautions mentioning each.
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This sounds like a much more complicated setup than you seem to think it is.

I assume you're talking about measuring the output of the switched-mode power supply (SMPS)?

Voltage is easy with a voltmeter.
Current is dependent on what the load is. I don't know that you can measure max current without a variable load and increasing it until the power supply either burns up or blows a fuse.
Power Factor again, I believe is based on the connected load.
THD is usually measured with an oscilloscope, again under varying loads.
Wattage is just a calculation based on voltage and current.

There are tools out there that will do what you need like this, but they ain't cheap.

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