100W LED driver


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100W LED driver

Is it ok to drive a 100W LED using a 150W boost converter(its for a flashlight, so it must use batteries)? i plan using 12 18650 batteries, 2 parralel packs of 6 batteries in series, that would give 22.2V if each battery is at 3.7V, then the converter will boost the voltage up to 32V. Is it ok if i only use this boost converter and no other regulation ?Also, i need something to cool it, and a CPU heatsink is not even enough to cool 40W.I appreciate your help, thank you.
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Welcome to the forums.

It's almost impossible to answer your questions without at least knowing what LED pack/driver you're using. That device should have its own very explicit specification sheet describing minimum and maximum operating parameters

We have no idea what boost converter you are using. Since you are using one to power a device like an LED...it may need to be regulated.

Cooling.....some kind of heatsink. Will depend on LED specs and requirement... as well as mounting.

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