Short circuit in 12/2 wire


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Short circuit in 12/2 wire

I have a dead short in a 12/2 romex cable buried under ground. I have been able to isolate the affected cable. Can I measure the resistance in the wire to calculate where the short is. What I mean is once I measure the resistance can I measure off in feet to where the short is.
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I have moved your post to its own thread. You had posted to someone else's thread and that can cause confusion.

No, a resistance reading won't help. Is this UF cable or NM-b (Romex) cable?
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No, but why do you want to know that? Don't you just need to replace the full run?
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If this is UF cable an underground splice kit can be used. If it is NM cable the entire run needs to be replaced.
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You can't measure it with a multimeter but this could be done with a time domain reflectometer. Some electricians may have one. It will find the break. If this is a short run I'd just replace it.

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