Dock light switch --NEED HELP!


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Dock light switch --NEED HELP!

I'm a newbie so please bear with me!

I have a dock light that I am trying to connect and wonder if anyone can help me?
I am trying to connect all 3 sets of wires to the second post on my dock that has a single pole switch.

What I have is the following:
Wire coming from the house (BL-WH-GR) (w/Switch inside already wired)
Wire coming from light at end of dock (BL-WH-GR)
Wire to 2nd light (BL-WH-GR)

All 6 wires are in a junction box that has a spot for a switch. I think the idea is that once outside you could turn off the lites without going inside to use the wall switch.

What I need to know is
"How do I connect all 3 to a single pole switch?" that is on the 2nd light post?

Hope I explained this well---I could not attach a drawing which would better explain.

Thanks Chuck

How do I join all three sets of wires into the box that has the switch?
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If you want the lights so you can turn them on or off regardless of the house switch position you do not have enough conductors. However, if you only want to turn then on or off if the inside switch is on, we can do that if the junction box has the three cables in it. If the switch is really on the end you need another conductor also.

The black coming from the house goes to one side of the switch. The other two blacks get pigtailed to the other screw on the switch. All whites together. All grounds together and to the switch, and the box if metallic.
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Thank You!!!!

I am learning---feels good to have someone who is so helpful!

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