Molex / JST crimping dies


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Molex / JST crimping dies

Hi all. I am thinking of getting a Molex or JST crimping tool and am just wondering ...

Is it possible to get just the crimping dies themselves - rather than the entire tools, at a reasonable price (i.e. less than 50 dollars)? (the appeal in this being the ability to swap different dies in / out of a single tool).

More specifically, it's Molex connectors such as Buy PCB Headers 2.54mm,header,KK,vert,Sn,frictn lock,6w Molex 22-23-2061 online from RS for next day delivery. that I would like to crimp the pins for. (The ability to crimp for JST connectors - or other Molex ones - would be nice also.)

Probably a long shot, but I thought there was no harm in asking.
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Most of the smaller pin sizes seem to use their own crimp tool. I have several crimp tools that crimp different sizes of one series. I have seen changeable dies available for production power crimpers only. Keep an eye on eBay for crimper deals.
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There are a variety of die heads available for ratcheting crimp handles like the Ideal crimpers--but--if you're going to do much crimping you'll appreciate the longer handles found on many dedicated production crimpers. eBay is a great source for used production crimpers that normally would cost over $200 new.

If you can find your connectors at you'll also find info on required tooling, data sheets, alternative part numbers, etc. Very helpful site for researching connectors & parts.
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Thanks for the advice and feedback. I probably don't need a production crimper at this point, so - if removable dies are generally used only with production crimpers - I'll probably just get a hand-crimper for the time being.


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