Pin Sleeve Boxes


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Pin Sleeve Boxes

Are Pin Sleeve boxes a ~universal standard~ or is it all manufactuer specific.

If manuf specific - this is new to me.
How does these boxes mount to the wall.

I'm talking about this

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You mount it through the holes on the top of the box.

I can't say for sure, but they appear to be a standard size. Why do you want to mix and match? Wouldn't be easier to just stick with the same manufacture? What in the world do you need a box like that for? I have only used them is heavy industrial settings.
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Takes special receptacles too. Basically a 16 amp four pin or 32 amp three pin.

Not the most ideal generator disconnect.
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I started with a regular L14-30 connector and got the midwest inlet box.
When the box arrived, it was a I switched systems and went with the Hubbell system.

The one in the pic is actually for the *inlet* for my generator cord.
I've had good/great success with Hubbell Connectors in previous jobs....and utilized their safety shroud system. So the L14-30 I'm using is their Safety Shroud Connector...with matching inlet.

The inlet looks like this...
The connector is like a quasi *flanged shroud* to protect it from the elements.

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I saw the mounting holes on the top & the mounting holes on the bottom on the *inside* of the housing. I suppose I would have to see it in person to see how it mounts to a wall. It would make more sense if it had a hole in the back. I would cap off the the top, and come in from the back.

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