Is this normal? - kitchen outlet question


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Is this normal? - kitchen outlet question

Remodeling the kitchen and need to move an existing outlet in the kitchen within the same wall stud area but several inches from where it is now. There are are 5 outlets on this 20 amp circuit. This outlet that needed moved was the last one on the string of 5 on this circuit at least this is how it appears when investigating the path of wiring in the crawl space. This was supposed to be an easy fix. Removed the outlet cover and not only do I have the wire that feeds the next outlet from the crawl space area which I expected but another wire is coming into the receptacle box from the ceiling area (attic). The breaker was turned off to the outlets and there was no power to the outlets and yet I still could not figure out what that wire coming from the attic are was for as everything in the home worked. Seems that this wire is coming from the hallway light fixture to the kitchen receptacle box and is providing power to my kitchen outlets as when I disconnected this wire from the receptacle and switched on the 20 amp breaker to the outlets there was no power getting to the outlets. This same hallway lighting fixture has it's own separate 15 amp circuit and when that breaker is turned off it powers off the that hallway fixture. Just seems jacked up to me but i'm not an electrician.
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I think from the way you are describing it is..... that wire going up towards the attic should be #12 wiring and it is the feed from the panel. I would doubt that it goes to the hallway light. When the 20 amp breaker was off.....the receptacles were dead and the light still worked. That's how it should be.

Now your problem is that you need enough wire on both of those cables to reach the new box location.
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What seems 'jacked up', you mean just the fact that there are two different circuits passing through that lighting fixture box? Nothing odd there; it must have been the easiest way at the time. I did one like that just yesterday. Saved me the cost of a box and a lotta fuss. You have to watch your box fill with the smaller boxes..

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