Need to tie 5 wires together


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Need to tie 5 wires together

I need to tie five #12 stranded wires together.

Is it better to use these connector?

instead of using a huge wire nut?

I seem to remember they are better for solid wires as you can push in? Stranded wires may not be hard enough to push in without having to finessee too much?
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Those push-ins are for solid only.

You can twist them and use a large wirenut.
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Some of the push-ins are listed for both solid and stranded, but I do not remember which are. You would need to check the instructions.
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I need to tie five #12 stranded wires together.

Is it better to use these connector... instead of using a huge wire nut?
5 12 AWG conductors can be spliced using a Buchanan B2, and probably any other red wire nut. Those are medium-size.

Don't twist the individual sets. Instead, after you strip the insulation, hold the 5 wires with the ends of the insulation even and use your fingers to twist all of the strands at the same time. You can tighten the twist with pliers after you've formed it, then trim it to shape and twist the wire nut on. Far more secure and a better mechanical and electrical connection than a push-in connector for stranded conductors, IMO, in addition to being far less expensive.

If you want to add a bit of fancy protection, use one of the red wire nuts from 3M with the rubbery yellow skirt.
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5 #12's is the max for 3m 512 wirenuts. But they are approved for it.
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To tie wires together I use poly rope. Aren't wirenuts better suited for splicing?

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