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Question Fuse Box

OK I need help. We had a big storm the other day and the circuit with my washing machine and the electrical for my bedroom is not working. I have looked at he fuses and even taken them into to be checked out. They are all good. What do I look at next?
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If you really do have fuses not breakers where did you take them to be checked and how were they checked? Did you just try new fuses? Have you opened up each of the affected device/fixture boxes and checked the connections, moved any wires inserted into the back of the receptacles to the screws, removed and inspected the inside of all wire nuts for corrosion or loose wires.

Do you have any GFCIs. Have you reset them. The laundry may have one or be protected by one anywhere inside or outside of the house.

Do you have a multimeter (preferably analog) or a test light you can use for testing. (A non contact tester isn't accurate enough for testing.) If you don't a $8-$15 analog multimeter is a good choice. Digital multimeters look cool and sexy but cheap ones can give false readings due to induced voltages.

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