non working receptacle !!


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Angry non working receptacle !!

Hi, with my tester I check the wires, hot(black) and neutral(white) it reads 110 but when I plug in a lamp(good one!) nothing.Is it a bad multimeter I have? I know that my neutral is shorted buy why do I still get 110 with my new meter purchased from Home Depot?Please advise.Thanks
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With the wires disconnected, you should read 120V hot to neutral. You should also see 120V hot to ground and 0V neutral to ground. How did you test and what are the other two observations?

A reading of 110V hot to neutral in a 120/240V system may indicate either a wiring problem or a utility problem. The other two readings should help us determine that.

As for the lack of power to the lamp, were all the wires securely connected to the screw terminals or were some of them stabbed into slots in the back of the receptacle?
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Analog or digital multimeter?

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