Electrical box adjustable mounting bars


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Electrical box adjustable mounting bars

I have seen those adjustable metal bars that some use to mount metal electrical boxes between wall studs. What are those called?

Can those be used for ceiling boxes?

I know there are bars intended for heavy lighting fixtures or ceiling fans that is much sturdier, I am talking about the ones they used for wall mounting, can they be used for ceiling mounting of very light fixtures?
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You mean something like this:

They come with the box so no need to have a name. I just call them mounting bars.
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As far as I know, those can be (and are often) used for ceiling fixtures. As you mentioned, fans require fan-rated boxes, and I would only use these for light to normal weight fixtures. But they work great for these types of fixtures.
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Sorry, I didn't mean those. I have used those for heavy fixtures.

What I mean is something like this.

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We call them stud brackets or screw gun box brackets; they are available for both 16 and 24 inch stud spacing and generally used in commercial work with steel studs (can also be used with wood studs). They are used mostly for mounting either 4" or 4 11/16" square boxes or for securing EMT conduits and/or MC cables within a stud space. I believe both B-Line and Caddy make them; maybe a couple other manufacturers too.

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Those screw gun box brackets are great. We use them all the time. Much stronger and more stable than a bar box. We use them with 1900 boxes and mud rings. A very solid mount.
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Can those be used for ceiling boxes?
No. They're not strong enough, in part because they're made of thin metal and in part because of their particular 2-part design. They are designed to be used only in walls, for uses such as those CJ and PJ already listed.

They're handier than beer in a can for the jobs they're designed to do. We call them "Caddy bars."

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