Weed Wacker Charger & No Power


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Weed Wacker Charger & No Power

After recharging my weedwacker I accidentally left the charger plugged in by itself overnight in my shed. Now the shed lights, one inside outlet, & an outside outlet for the pool filter don't work. Checked the panel & circuit breaker tripped. However unable to reset breaker.

How can I determine what's wrong & fix it?

Also, was this caused by leaving the charger plugged in?

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Is the wiring in your shed exposed? Is it possible a garden implement of destruction damaged a cable? That should be easy to check with a visual inspection.

I would start by opening the receptacle where that charger was plugged in. Check for any loose/exposed wires or anything melted, etc. I highly doubt an idle charger would draw enough current to cause problems overnight even if the plug was hanging halfway out of the wall.

Is this breaker a GFCI breaker by chance? Did you have any storms the night this happened? Where does this circuit get its power from, a subpanel in the shed or is this breaker you mention in your house and now the entire shed is without power?
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Welcome to the forums!

Checked the panel & circuit breaker tripped. However unable to reset breaker.
Did you turn the breaker fully off before trying to turn it on?

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