Cutting hot wire


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Cutting hot wire

So I accidentally cut a hot wire, I was measuring the cable and forgot that I had already wired it when I cut it. There were some sparks and the cable is a little burned at the end where I cut it.

Now there were no tripped breakers but I still get no power through the outlet or another outlet (which I guess is on the same circuit). What could be wrong here? Will I have to replace the entire wire? I tried to bypass the outlet by connecting but I still get no power to the second outlet so the outlet itself should still be working...

I wired a power strip directly to the wires and it has a breaker that lights up when it is on and it actually lights up when I switch on the power strip but as soon as I connect something to the power strip the light goes out and nothing works... Is it possible that there is a little current going through the circuit or is it just leftover power or something?

Also worth mentioning is that I've been able to get shocked once while working with this (after cutting the wire) and there is only two wires so I'm guessing no ground wire?

Thanks in advance!
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Turn the breaker(s) off & on again.
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able to get shocked once while working with this
Preferably "off" while you are working on it. You have a compromised neutral somewhere in the circuit. Check all the receptacles for stab back installation of wires. Remove them to the screw heads and see if that restores your neutral and full power at the receptacles.
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How was a power strip wired directly to the the supply cable? How exactly was that done?

Leftover power? No such thing.

I'd suggest a copy of the book Wiring Simplified available at any home center for about $10.
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If the cable was only two conductors you should not extend the circuit.
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But you can repair it .

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