Adhesive or clips for Romex?


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Adhesive or clips for Romex?

Hi. I have modified two Ikea melamine cabinets to construct a kitchen island and I need to run some romex inside of them for receptacles and range/blower hookups. The particle boards are 3/4" thick. Is there something that will pass inspection that I can use to attach the NM cables to the cabinet on the inside, that also will not pass through the 3/4" board?

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How about a one hole romex strap using a #8 x 1/2" screw.
Available from the big box stores as well as electrical supply houses.

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I don't think Romex is permitted inside a cabinet unless it is in a part completely isolated from the drawer/storage compartments. Wiring inside cabinets calls for metal flex or Smurf.
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Really? I've never heard of that. Several of our cabinets have outlets inside them wired with Romex. The inspector didn't even mention it. At the time I wired the house, we were under NEC 2005, so perhaps some later version has changed the rules.
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The NEC specifies that NM-B (Romex) can be used where 'not subject to damage'. It's the local inspector's (AJH) call as to whether the back of a cabinet is a protected space or not.

In my opinion, if it's in the area of where you'd put stuff, you should probably sleeve it in PVC or EMT. If it's tucked up at the top or in another reasonably inaccessible space, it's fine. Again, your inspector may disagree.
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Thanks for the clarification.
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Other options would be tie wraps with a hole to install a short screw through.
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I'd personally use EMT. Items being placed in and out of the cabinets will damage romex.

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