Timed switch for exterior 120v lighting


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Timed switch for exterior 120v lighting

I am looking for something electrically equivalent to a manual twist timer switch, but that looks more like a regular on-off switch found in homes. If the user flips it on, the incandescent light load stays on for a predetermined period (say 15 minutes) and then turns off. If the user flips it off, the load turns off immediately. There should be no option for a permanent on setting. Preferably the user cannot vary the on period. It will be mounted in an exterior facing switch box.

It will be replacing an Enertron TS120 switch that I installed 20-25 years ago and which failed recently. That was an SPST switch with momentary up and momentary down. A momentary up would provide power to the load for a period of time set by screws on the back of the switch. A momentary down would remove power from the load immediately.

This switch is no longer available. The company name continues as a new company with a different product line. I can't find an equivalent switch. I am hoping this post will trigger something in the pros' minds.

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I know what you are talking about but I haven't seen a 120 vac user presetable countdown timer in a while.

Leviton makes a an entire line of presetable timers from the front via five buttons.....4 selectable times and off.

The link below is their product page. Be sure to address the issue whether a neutral is availble or not.

Leviton preset countdown wall timers.

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