Supplying elec for HVAC unit in a small house


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Question Supplying elec for HVAC unit in a small house

I'm redoing some electrical work in an old house. Its an old 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house that has a standard size HVAC unit. Just checking to see if the wires and circuit breaker that was run is adequate.

What size electrical wire should be supplying the HVAC unit? 12-2 or 12-3? Or something else? What about the circuit breaker? Is a 20-amp breaker OK?
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If its 240 two conductor cable, X-2, where X is determined by the FLA. 12-2 would be correct for a 20 amp breaker unless manufacturers recommendations are different. AC compressors are different than normal wire sizing. The wire is determined by full load amps and the breaker by starting current.

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The breaker requirement should be on the outdoor unit's nameplate (near where the refrigerant lines connect). Normally there will be a minimum and maximum amp rating listed. The maximum breaker ampacity dictates the breaker size, and the minimum circuit ampacity size dictates the wire gauge.

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The nameplate listing the minimum circuit ampacity and the max fuse breaker is just that.

For example, a unit that has MCA-15, max fuse or HACR breaker-35, means you need to have a circuit minimum of 15 amps (14 gauge) and you can put it on a breaker or fuse up to 35 amps.

So, in this instance, you can have 14 gauge wire on a 35 amp breaker due to the rules that apply in articles 430 and 440.
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If the unit says Max Fuse size, you will need to have fuses in the disconnect. Otherwise a HACR rated breaker is fine.

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