Need advice on exterior light mount


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Need advice on exterior light mount

I'm installing an exterior motion-sensing light on top of aluminum siding. The Arlington siding mounting kit (for lap surface) I purchased does not fit because of the lights proximity to the back door frame.
The wiring comes through a hole in the siding next to a framing member.

How should I mount this light?
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There may be a box under the siding. If so you may be able to cut away enough siding to expose the box underneath. That should allow access to enough cable and room to cover everything with the mounting block and still clear the door trim. Probe carefully under the siding keeping in mind any holes punched should be smal and positioned so the mounting block will cover them.

If no box underneath move far enough from the door frame that the Arrling mounting block will be about one half inches from the doorframe. Mark the siding for an old work 4" round box centered in the mounting block. Cut out the siding and sheathing underneath. With luck you cable will reach the new hole and junction box.

Another thing you can do is on the inside wall cut a small hole so you can look in the wall before you do either of the above.
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I would probably buy a piece of 5/4" x 6" PVC trim (like Azek) that is a full 1" thick. I'd cut the siding out to the size of block you want using a grinder and 1/16" abrasive wheel, making a nice neat square hole in the siding. Use a tin snips as needed. Then I'd cut the pvc trim to fit, and cut a round hole in it to accept a surface mounted electrical box, which would probably mount on your sheathing. Then completely caulk the siding to the PVC trim with an appropriate sealant.

If you need a little more wire (so that you can get the box a little farther away from the door trim) extend it with a piece of new wire, but just make sure the original wire is clamped to the box and that the wire nut connection is made inside the new box.

This answer provided by a siding guy, not an electrician! LOL
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This answer provided by a siding guy, not an electrician! LOL
I think it's a pretty good answer, X.

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