HELP WANTED - Sawafuji generator


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Question HELP WANTED - Sawafuji generator

I was given a SAWAFUJI generator to restore, on which I need some basic information. It has a Mitsubishi 4 stroke single cylinder gas engine and the stator is wound as six poles feeding a six diodes block for the + output. There are other windings which I am identifying.Can anybody out there please help me identify the alternator model so that I can restore it to working order.I attach a photo of the back end to help identification.I guess it is a 4-6 kW model.The engine runs sweetly after cleaning out the carb.

All your help is greatly appreciated.
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That is going to be next to impossible. You need to look all over that unit for any type of markings or lettering or numbering.

In searching around I found their website which may be able to help you. If the link isn't helpful....try googling the generator model number for help.

ELEMAX | Product introduction

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thanks PJmax.

I've googled that site but not of any help without the model number.The only marking on the alternator is a small label with the company name. Model number is blank.
On the engine side I found a Mitsubishi logo on the starter flywheel .I am sending the pictures to the parent company in Japan perhaps they can come back with some info.
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more information


it appears to be a welding generator . I conclude this as Elemax ( Ex-Sawafuji) do a welding generator using 6 pole star connected windings with a single diode on each leg. All positive outputs are combined in parallel from which I can get 60 volts DC which lights up 5 headlamps in series very brightly. It also has various output tappings like 24 volts AC , 8 volts DC (via single diode rectifier ) when excited with 12 volts , 4 amps from a small battery . It has a double coil magneto with only one of the coils driving the spark coil while at the other coil is unconnected so I suppose it could be used to charge the starter battery via a rectifier and regulator.

Does any of above ring a bell to someone ?

I would really apprecate if someone identifies this and provide a schematic.

Many thanks in advance.

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