Need an EXPERT! never had this happen before!


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Need an EXPERT! never had this happen before!

I have wired many plugs before but I have run into a problem I can't figure out. I am adding a double box with 2 sets of plugs. Plug 1: black/white from source attached to lower screws. Black/white from upper screws to lower screws of Plug 2. (no tabs removed from plugs). Ground from source attached to ground screws on both plugs. I have wired double-plugs before with no problem, so I did not expect this to be different.

I turned the circuit back on and tested with a 3-prong wiring tester and it showed two green lights and "correct wiring". Then I tested with a two-prong tester into the two vertical slots, and nothing happened. (tested the tester in a different plug and it is ok). Then I put the two-prong tester into the black slot and the ground -- and bingo! it lit up. This happened even in the first plug of the series.

I double-checked the wiring to make sure -- I even checked online diagrams to make sure I had not made a wiring mistake, but it is okay. What would cause this?
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Test with the receptacles pulled out of the box. Sometimes a ground will accidentally touch when putting the receptacles in the box. Also to confirm it isn't just the tester retest with a multimeter, preferably analog.

There's a temptation when doing this to connect the screws on the inside to each other but unless you reverse the orientation you can't because you have silver screws are across from brass screws
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Are the "vertical slots" you refer to the receptacle slots?--- you mention a "two-prong" tester ; are the "prongs" similiar to the prongs on a two-prong cord cap?.

There is 120 volts between the "Black" receptacle slot = Black Conductor, and any Grounded point

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