Post-inspection question regarding grounding...


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Post-inspection question regarding grounding...

Had my electrical inspection and had this as part of the write up, "Use a listed splicing device (wire nut or other approved method) for all equipment grounds in all boxes." I'm used to taking the grounds and twisting them together, leaving a lead to secure to the receptacle or switch. Is he saying I need to take the ground wires, twist them in a cap, and run a lead from the cap to the switch or outlet?
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You can make a splice up like that or if you'd like to continue making up grounds like you've done in the past.... use a green wire nut. It has a hole in the center so that the nut part holds the splice together and one of the conductors will stick out of the wire nut and can go to the device.

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That looks perfect. I'll hit the store in the morning and pick up a bag. Thanks!
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That is pretty slick PJmax.
I've always used a standard wingnut and simply added a piece of scrap ground wire to the nut so I could mount it to the box (same general idea). The green one has the right colors and looks a bit cleaner.
Might see if these are easily available.
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PJMax - That's slick. I love the look it provides. Do they make such an animal for the neutral and hot wire? Does code permit it other than the ground? Roger
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If I may answer for PJ, no, ground only because it works with bare wires. They are common as dirt. They have been around for many years and should be easy to find at building supply and hardware stores. However for neutral and hot you can use a wire nut with built in pigtail. They come with various colored pigtails.

(Updated image, thanks Vic.)

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Little better picture here Ideal Industries - Term-A-Nut Twist-on Pigtail Wire Connector

I'd use these if the grounds are already twisted and all cut to the same length.
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What I like about the pigtails is one less conductor to twist together let say with 2 others. I'll have to keep my eyes open for them. Thanks. Roger
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Or you could use a copper crimp collar and let one ground wire run long through it.

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