gfci disposal switch issue

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gfci disposal switch issue

Tried 4 ways to get a wall switch to disposal, with GFCI outlet then down to a dishwasher and disposal with tab removed 12/2 from source 12/3 to disposal/garbage.

1. source blk to line in on GFCI source negative to line in on GFCI, load out pos. and neg to dishwasher/garbage and pigtailed blk positive to switch. Switch also has a RED wire to dishwashwer garbage. So dishwasher/garbage disposals has RED/BLK (tab removed) and one white neutral wire. (copper) on all devices as well. With this there is no power to the GFCI and the green light does not come on.

2. As above I then tried to pigtail a jumper wire from source power to the load and jumper from the white neutral to the load. This had a green light come on the GFCI but no power inside the GFCI I did see 120 on the outer screws with volt meter the lower outlet works as designed.

3. I tried to jump from the line to the load but same results.
Recap: I get power to disposal and dishwasher and the switch turns the disposal on and off
but the GFCI is not working with something plugged in I have two new GFCI's and neither worked in this environment. So I need your help to get the GFCI to work.... or how to test amps.

Hope someone can help me.
Thanks David
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I would verify you have the line/load sides hooked up properly. By your drawing, you have the line at the top and most GFI's I've dealt with have the line side on the bottom.
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Assuming this is a kitchen GFCI outlet you are violating code. The circuit serving countertop receptacles can not feed dishwasher or GD.
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In addition to Astuffs info the garbage disposal circuit does not need to be GFCI protected. What it should be is a 15 or 20 amp dedicated circuit so you are going to need to remove what you have done and start over. If you have a dishwasher it can be on the dishwasher circuit or you will need to run a new cable from the breaker box.

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