Motor speed control


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Motor speed control

Long story short, I built a horse walker out of an old truck rear end and tractor transmission powered by an old Craftsman 1131228 TEFC 1 hp 115 volt single phase capacitor start motor (that I found in sitting in a pasture). Unfortunately even in 1st gear the 1725 rpm motor drives it too fast. I cannot change the pulley size (they are rust welded on from sitting in pasture for years) so I thought it would be simple to put a rheostat on it to slow it down. Nope, seems that is a no-go on capacitor start AC. I don't understand enough to know what my options are. Do variable frequency controllers work on old motors? They are expensive. Should I give up and wait till I can afford to convert to a DC configuration? I perused DC motors, that seems to add problem of going from 115 VAC to 90 VDC. I'm not sure what all components I would need in either circumstance to begin a cost benefit comparison. Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.
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VFDs (variable frequency drive) might be able to do what you want, but would be quite expensive. Plus you would either need to have one that is weatherproof or in an enclosed space.
I think you better option is to take it to somebody to cut the pully off with a torch and just change pulleys.
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Thanks, I may end up doing that. Hard past is convincing the wife, as she is now set on variable speed. Should have kept my mouth shut. Oh, well.

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