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Replacing my laptop's charger power cord need help ASAP !!

Replacing my laptop's charger power cord need help ASAP !!

Old 07-06-13, 03:56 AM
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Question Replacing my laptop's charger power cord need help ASAP !!

Hey guys I am new to this forum... In fact this my first day A couple of hours ago I accidently stepped on the end of my laptop's charger now it doesn't charge the laptop anymore. I determined the problem and am 100% positive that it is from the head ( End) of the cord here is a pic of it https://www.dropbox.com/s/hg5ycfxefi...706_133623.jpg

I have another broken charger (The wire and its end are fine) so I figured out I would salvage the cord from my old charger and attach it to my current charger ( After removing/cutting the broken end).

After cutting and stripping the wires I faced a dilemma, my current ( new) charger has three wires ( Blue- Black - White) But my old broken charger has ( Black - White - Bare wire ).

Here is a pic of the wires of my good charger https://www.dropbox.com/s/jbvqny5os1...706_133729.jpg

Here is a pic of the old/broken one https://www.dropbox.com/s/n95n5sw6wz...706_133858.jpg

It's worth to note that I live in the middle east specifically Lebanon,Beirut and around here we use 220-240 Volts and use Europian non-grounded electric sockets.

So do I attach white-white, black-black and blue-bare wire ??

P.S: I don't have an ammeter nor a voltmeter
Old 07-06-13, 04:44 AM
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There is no common usage of wire colors so each manufacturer may use anything inside the device. Best would be to use a volt meter to find out what each wire from the power head does (+, -, and ground) then check for continuity with the original tip to find out what color wire goes where. If you have nothing to test with then I would try your plan of black to black, white to white and then the blue to bare. Of course there is a risk. When you test it I would be ready to unplug it immediately if it does not power up or give the charge light like it normally does.
Old 07-06-13, 02:11 PM
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Look next to the jack on the laptop where the charging cord plugs in. There should be funny symbol that looks like a capital C with a dot in the middle and horizontal lines from the dot and the C. One of the lines should have a + sign (usually, but not always the dot) and the other will have a -sign. Connect the plug to the new charger so that the polarity corresponds with the symbol and you will be fine. You will need a DC voltmeter to determine which wires are + and -.
Old 07-07-13, 05:55 AM
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Are the two connectors identical? (Same size and number of inside pins?) If not they won't work.

No friends or neighbors with a meter?

Without a meter you can use a 9-volt battery and a 9- or 12-volt light bulb to determine which wire connects to which conductor on the connector. Use a piece of scrap wire to connect one side of the battery to the side of the bulb. Touch the bottom conductor of the bulb to the metal part of the charger connector. Have a helper touch the wires, one at a time, to the other side of the battery. One of the wires will light the bulb. Use a small nail, brad, or straightened paper clip
to do the same with the center pins of the charger connector.

You can also try cutting the old connector apart to see if you can reattach the broken wires. Use a utility knife to peel away the outer molded plastic shell.

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