GFI breaker blows when we turn on the tv


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GFI breaker blows when we turn on the tv

I am wondering if anyone can give us some advice. We just moved into a newer condo and set up our tv in the bedroom, everytime we turn on the tv th breaker trips. Are we able to change out the breaker so it wont trip? Also all the top plugs on the outlets dont work inthe bedroom
Should we just take the tv out of the bedroom or get an electrician in here?
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I don't think Canada requires GFCI protection on bedroom circuits, are you sure it isn't an AFCI breaker that trips?

The top half of the receptacles is probably controlled by a wall switch. Do you have a wall switch? Do you have a switched ceiling light?
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Is there cable or a master antenna connected to the TV? Disconnect it and see if it still trips when you turn it on. If it does there is an issue with the cable ground.

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