Dimmer electrical wiring


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Dimmer electrical wiring

Im trying to wire a dimmer switch into an extension cord. The extension cord only has 2 wires. I left the white go and cut the hot and put it on each side of the dimmer. I get light when i switch it but no dimmer. the extension is going into christmas lights
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I don't know what christmas lights are these days but if they are fluorescent lights, you won't have a dimmer.
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Welcome to the forums, Jordan.

Im trying to wire a dimmer switch into an extension cord.
Connecting a dimmer, or any other control designed to be mounted in an enclosed box, by cutting into one of the two conductors in an extension cord is a violation of code and voids the UL listing on both the cord and the control device.

If you tell us your goal we will be better able to help you find a code-compliant, and safe, way to accomplish it.
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I will put the cord into a box, thats not my concern. I'm more than safe when it comes to electrical work. my question is, how do I hook up some christmas lights to a dimmer. It seems like you cant put a dimmer on an outlet... I'm just trying to find out if you guys had any idea that could work.
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You can use a dimming receptacle. http://files.lutron.com/hwi/TRG/366-...eceptacles.pdf

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