6/3 UF transition inside my house?


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6/3 UF transition inside my house?

I'm running 6/3 UF from my main panel inside my basement to my detached garage. From the outside of my house I'm running the cable underground through conduit, so my question is, for the section inside of my house, how do I transition to the conduit going to the outside? I was planning on having the conduit come inside my basement for a foot or so, then just continue the 6/3 UF run to my panel (not inside conduit - so next question, is it ok to run 6/3 UF along side of regular romex 14/2 without any extra protection?)

I was at the big box stores and didnt see any type of transition connector for this so I thought I would ask here. The people that work at these stores do not know much. This will be heavily inspected by my city inspector so it must be code.

Also, what type of staples do I need to use once inside the house (assuming I can run the 6/3 along my basement joists) I didn't see any plastic staples big enough for 6/3 UF, but I saw some metal staples that would work, but they are metal. It said it was for SE-U wire, but nothing for UF. Is this cool?
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If the cable is not subject to damage it does not need conduit.

It will be hard to pull the cable through a conduit. Individual conductors are much easier.

Metal staples should be fine unless your local area requires something else.
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As PC mentioned, you do not need conduit where the cable is in the ground. You do need to protect it where is comes out of the ground exposed.

Yes, it is fine to run UF along side the #14.

For UF coming out of conduit you need to bush the end. Most cases we just use a coupling or connector for this purpose.

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