Weird GFCI, please


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Weird GFCI, please

Hello, all.

I'm brand new here, so thanks in advance.

I've been replacing power outlets around my home with no trouble at all. Except for one.

I have an outdoor outlet set inside one of those plastic boxes and it has never quite worked correctly. It would only work intermittently, and then only when I jiggled the power cord just so.

I decided to replace it with one of my spare receptacles and now not only does it no longer work at all, but two other GFCI outlets are dead and one non GFCI outlet is also out.

I've switched the GFI breaker switch off and on several times and that doesn't help. What I can tell you:
  • I'm not sure if the old outside outlet was GFCI. It didn't have the buttons on it like a GFCI outlet would.
  • The two GFCI outlets that don't work at all are not "tripped," IE, pressing the button on them doesn't help. They are in the upstairs bathrooms.
  • The breaker switch labelled "GFI" controlled not only the outdoor outlet but all my basement outlets even though none of them had the normal GFCI buttons on them.
  • The one remaining outlet that doesn't work, in a different part of the house, is not GFCI.

Any ideas or should I pry open the wallet and call in a pro?

Thanks again!
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Standard receptacles can be downstream of a GFI and be protected without having the test/resets of the actual device.

How many cables and/or wires were in the box where you switched the device?

An open connection anywhere in the circuit can and will cause devices downstream not to function.

Take another look around and see if another GFI is hiding behind a box in the basement or garage or even another one outside.
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Oh, right, I forgot to mention that. The receptacle only had two wires (plus ground). I'll look around for a box that might be hiding, just in case. Thanks for replying!

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