2 circuits one conduit


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2 circuits one conduit

Running two circuits to shed. One is for a transfer switch outlet and the other is for 30 AMP panel. Both runs will be using 10/3 UF wire. Can they both be in the same PVC conduit? If so, what size should it be?
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I assume your running 120v,,, I would run 1" this would give you room for future expantion ..
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UF = underground feeder and can't be run thru conduit. It is for direct burial only.
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One of these circuits is a feed in to your main panel for emergency power, and the other is the feed out to your subpanel, right? Others may differ, but those should be in separate conduits IMO.
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can use 4- 10 gauge wires as long as the distance isn't too far,,, along with your wires for your transfer switch,, this would be much cheaper that the 10/3 uf.

Mod Note: 4 wire feeders are needed by code.

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You should use 4 #10 THWN in separate, 1'' SCH 40 conduits.
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hot,,, neutral ,,,, ground,,, whats the 4th wire for,,,,
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hot,,, neutral ,,,, ground,,, whats the 4th wire for
The other hot. Subpanels are almost always 120/240.
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When sizing conduits for cables the major diameter of the cable is used. In the example above 10-3 UF, you would need to use almost 1" in your calculation. the conduit would be much larger than 1" if properly sized.

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