Bathroom problem...


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Question Bathroom problem...


I have had an electrician round a few months back to check my house's wiring and make it right.

So far so good till recently.

The problem is that my bathroom light is blowing any bulb I place there. It even has blown one when I was placing it there.

No matter what, new light in and it almost immediately blows up.

What could the problem be?

Please advise.


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Welcome to the forums.

We don't know where you are from so we can't tell you what voltage to check for but you need to check the voltage at the light fixture and see if it's what it's supposed to be.
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Welcome to the forums. Please fully fill out your location information or at least country and state or province or county or parish so we can better help you.
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As stated, more info is needed. However, if this is a halogen fixture, make sure your not touching the bulb with your fingers.
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I all.

Sorry for not mentioning my location.

I am in the UK.
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Since your in the UK you shouldn't have a dual voltage system like we do in the U.S. but first step is to check you have 220 volts using a multimeter. Next try bulbs from a different manufacturer, sometimes there can be a bad lot. Are the bulbs halogen or regular incandescent or fluorescent or some type of low voltage bulb?
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I am in the UK.
You should have 230V at the fixture, but it may be 240V, hot-to-neutral (or ground). Anything over 260V could be the source of the problem.

Whether you are using a halogen lamp or not, do not touch the new light bulb with your bare fingers. Also, always turn the power off before changing the bulb.

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