Wiring in an 1840s house


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Wiring in an 1840s house

Separated from Basement electrial fun!

One of my older brothers thought is the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. The construction of this house is 1840's vintage so the floor joists are not your typical 2X12's. The sills are hand hewn 12X12 beams and the floor joists (supports) are 6" to 8" diameter logs spaced 3 and 1/2 feet apart. Due to the size of the supports the ceiling is low (it's an unfinished basement) maybe 7 feet high. Is it okay, in your opinion, to drill through those beams, supports, etc... to get the cable, Jboxes, etc... off the surface of the supports and up out of the way? How much larger (percentage) should the hole be drilled compared to the size of the cable? Thanks. Roger

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Your log joists should be able to continue to support your floors with a few holes drilled through them. The best standard practice is to make the hole as close as possible to centered through the framing piece.

There is no standard ratio that I'm aware of for the size of the hole. I generally drill either a 3/4" or a 7/8" hole. One of those will accept two 14-2/G or 12-2/G cables, or one of the heavier cables for a stove, clothes dryer, A/C compressor, etc.
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Just wait until you start to do door jambs A 6" log will require at least a 1x8 face jamb with trim on either side to make it plumb.

I remodeled an 1860 log home with interior log walls. That was fun. I found old lumber that complimented the overhead beams, and dadoed out for a chase for wiring and installed it to the side of the beams at the top. Didn't look too bad.

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