Issues with AC extension cord


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Exclamation Issues with AC extension cord

Ok, just got a call from my Son. His Frigidaire 25K BTU 220V AC
Model #LRA257ST2 wasn't running when he got home today. It can be programmed to turn on at a certain time. So he checked the circuit breaker in the fuse panel, tripped it out and reset it just in case there was a 'soft trip'.

Came back upstairs and noticed that the AC plug has a built in GFCI. So he reset it also. Hit the START button and the plug's GFCI tripped instantly. Reset it a second time, after he removed the plug from the wall socket. Plugged it in, hit the start button again and it tripped again.

He unplugged it from the wall and let the plug sit on the floor. Couple of minutes later he notices WATER dripping out of the prongs or prong area of thee face of the plug!!!!

Next, he pulled the receptacle out of its electrical box, just to make sure the water did not come from inside the wall receptacle box. It was bone dry...dusty even.

He looked at the AC unit and the plug wire goes up through the front area of this AC unit and finds it way up to the motor.

The ends of the wire are separate and he can see the insides of the main plug wire. It looks like the actual individual wires are wrapped in a sort of white fuzzy material then the outer coating is added by the extrusion process probably.

There is no way the wire was in water AND this plug wire is in a common drip loop so about 3' of this wire had to become saturated with water!! That is my conclusion since the receptacle is about 18" off of the floor.
He is contacting Lowes but they may sand bag him since his 2 year warranty just ran out he thinks. This is going to be interesting.....
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The RCD built into the plug is to detects faults in the insulation of the individual wires within the cord. Probably best guess is the cord needs to be replaced. You will have to get a complete cord set from the manufacturer.

It looks like the actual individual wires are wrapped in a sort of white fuzzy material
That is probably the metal mesh that the wires are wrapped with that the RCD uses to detect current flow from cracked insulation.

checked the circuit breaker in the fuse panel,
Fuse panels don't have circuit breakers.
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Thanks ray2047. This unit is getting a new cord at the very least. I do not think he will get any assistance from the Frigidaire. My son had it apart again and he noted that there is a plastic strain relief/anti chafing clamp attached around the wire. It is at the bottom of the AC unit where the wire exits the unit chassis. I told him that maybe there is a break in the wire there and moisture from the catch pan is migrating through the crack in the insulation somehow. We know for sure it is not from rain but could be from the catch pan inside the bottom of this AC unit. Once the wire goes up through the base of this unit it goes to the top of the unit which makes the introduction of moisture almost impossible I would say.

Check on the CB in a CB panel Unfortunately I am old enough to remember when a fuse panel was the only option so it seemed!

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