Ground of Shop Breaker Box


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Ground of Shop Breaker Box

I have recently built a home and took on some the electrical work myself. My wife was adamant about not having wires running to the side of the house, so we opted for underground service. So what we have is a big green transformer and a pedestal right next to it. From the pedestal it goes to a 320 amp meter box. The meter box has a double set of exit lugs. From the first set of lugs it goes to a 200 amp disconnect. From that disconnect it runs to the house breaker box. It has 2 hots, a neutral, and a ground. The house breaker box is on an interior wall, so it had to be grounded at the disconnect. From the other set of lugs in my breaker box I go to a 100 disconnect. From that disconnect it runs to my shop breaker box. It has 2 hots and a neutral and is grounded at the breaker box. A friend of mine who has worked in the electrical field for a long time, told me this was incorrect. He said I should have ran a ground wire to the shop also and have everything grounded at the meter box. I hope this is clear, I have included a diagram to make it easier to understand. Any advice from experts would greatly appreciated. Plus I am only concerned about safety, not code. I am outside of city limits. I just want to know I am not going to get myself or anyone killed.

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You said you are not concerned about code, only safety. Well, the whole point of the code is safety. It is a set of rules to follow to make electrical installations safe.

To your main question, yes, your friend is correct. You should have run a ground wire to the shop. A ground rod is only for high voltage events such as lighting strikes. The Earth is not a very good conductor of electricity. Also, your grounds and neutral wires in the house and shop should be isolated.
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Is the shop supplied by a metal conduit?I believe that makes a difference as to how the ground is terminated.

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