Range Breaker.


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Range Breaker.

Hello all.
I decided today I was going to move the range for my wife to make better use of the small living room. I went down stairs to check out how hard it would be to run the 6/3 wire; I checked my breaker and its a 100AMP!!!!! breaker connected to the range. The whole house only has a single 100amp breaker box.

This worries me as I am almost sure that at that size if the wire shorted it would catch fire before tripping the breaker. I looked all over my range and can't find any model or part number that I could use to look up the manufactures recommended breaker. I was thinking replacing the breaker with a 50 amp breaker, does that sound like a safe bet?

The total wire length will likely be 15 - 20 feet depending on how straight I can run it. The range is low end flat top GE your standard 4 burner unit nothing fancy.

Thank you.
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Welcome to the forums!

Yes, a 50 amp breaker should work just fine.

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