Darn outlet wont work!


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Darn outlet wont work!

OK guys,
little bit of a newbie here so please excuse...
im trying to get an outlet to work at the bedroom of my apart ment.
I checked the following:
breaker fuse: fine
tested the wire: theres power
and exchanged outlet.
what can be wrong here?
any ones sugestion would be of great!
also important to note that the out let seems to be running from another outlet in the living room area and it works on that outline just fine.
also noticed that the cables connected to the outlet are 2 whites and one blk.
attached is a picture of it.
Thanks guys!
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The fact that you have two whites going to the receptacle makes me think that one of the outlets is controlled by a switch.

EDIT: or linked to another receptacle.
I agree with other post, if this is an apartment, contact the owner.

How did you test for power? Multimeter, contact tester, or non-contact tester?

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Are you renting this apartment? If so you need to call the landlord and get them to have this fixed.
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I think Michael Rivers has a good point there some outlets are really working but are actually controlled by a switch. If that outlet is near a door there is a good possibility that it is a switched outlet and the switch is very nearby.

I should caution you to to check with your landlord since you don't own your residence. If something bad happens you could be held liable for the damages if your landlord was not aware of what you are doing. If he is fine with that then I have some more advice myself.

I see that this receptacle is painted and that tells me that it has been in use. Also it is back wired in the back of the receptacle and while technically legal is something I discourage as the wire can slip from the back and the wires can lose contact. Instead buy a new receptacle from any big box home improvement store like Home Depot or Loews and wire on the lugs only. When you are there make sure you buy some electrical tape to wrap around the receptacle once the wires are firmly on the lugs. Just wrap once around the receptacle and then put it back in the box and put the cover on.

The electrical tape is for preventing shorts in a metal box. If you still have problems you might have a gfic plug nearby that is effecting that plug and the plug you mention does have power may not actually be connected to the other plug. So look around to see whether you might have one. If you do have a gfic and it can't be reset then replace it with either another gfic or a regular plug.
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breaker fuse: fine
No such thing as a breaker fuse. It is either a breaker or a fuse.
and exchanged outlet.
Nothing in a non GFCI breaker that is likely to fail so replacing it is not something you would normally do.

Did you turn the breaker all the way off and then on? Did it work before and just stop working? Was there a switch controlling half of it?
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Welcome to the forums!

There appear to be a red wire and a black wire cut off, uncapped, and pushed back into the box. Be sure to point those out to your landlord's electrician.

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