Conduit wiring with Romex for the garage?


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we mounted them two drywall screws per box into the wall studs.
Drywall screws are brittle and should not be used to mount anything that has the potential for movement, pressure or stress. 3/4" pan head sheet metal screws are my fastener of choice in wood framing. I use those to screw through the back of the box into the support piece I've mounted there. Or through the stud-mounting bracket attached to each box.

Using 1900 boxes which will get either mud rings or raised covers.
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3/4" pan head sheet metal screws are my fastener of choice in wood framing.
Everyone has a personal preference. Mine is #10 X 1" panhead sheet metal screws into wood. They are also great for 1/4" plastic anchors in concrete.
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Could you post a picture of how you mounted them?
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I'll have to dig the camera out.

Here is the latest. I bought the 4" square boxes and will replace the octagon ones.
bascially instead of the wall having drywall, it has pressboard. I just attached them flush with the wall where the stud is behind the pressboard.



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