Neutrals tied together?


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Neutrals tied together?

Separated from Tips on tracking down cross-wired circuits?

were the neutrals for the two circuits also all tied together? and if so, is that something that should have been fixed too for safety reasons? or does that just similar to a shared neutral circuit, and will only be an issue if an afci breaker or such is installed on the circuit?

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The grounded conductors - the "neutral wires" - serving two or more branch circuits should not be spliced or otherwise electrically connected anywhere outside the distribution panel. The type of protection - AFCI, GFCI or standard - does not matter.

The only exception is the point where the single neutral serving a multiwire branch circuit is spliced so that a separate grounded conductor can be run with each ungrounded (hot) conductor.

A 2-pole AFCI breaker should be able to protect both halves of a MWBC.

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You connect the neutral of an incoming (feed) cable to all and only the neutrals of continuing cables whose hot wires are connected to the hot wire(s) of the respective feed cable.

If two feed cables enter a junction box or outlet box, their neutrals may not be connected together directly or indirectly (inside that box or further downstream using pigtails or any other means).

If there is a ground fault interrupter in an outlet box, the load side neutral may not be connected to the line side neutral directly or indirectly (not counting the circuitry inside the GFCI unit).

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