VFD Question


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VFD Question

Is anyone familiar with VFD? I have some questions but don't want to bother the forum if it's beyond the scope of the forum.
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Welcome to the forums!

Is anyone familiar with VFD?
IDK. Which variety of VFD are you asking about? A variable frequency drive?
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Yes, Variable Frequency Drive - I don't know much about them so I don't know what you mean by 'variety'.
What does 'IDK' mean?
I'm trying to just learn more about them; what they can do and what limitations there might be; plus a couple of specific questions about some I found.
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IDK = I don't know

VFD's are used for a variety or reasons. Mostly they are used to control the speed of a motor for a specific application like for a variable speed fan, or to help with the efficiency of a motor. They can also help with the hard starting of a motor by doing a "soft start".

As a matter a fact, we just wired a couple last week for an HVAC contractor.
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Just to go one step further. They aren't like dimmers. They don't control voltage.
They actually change the operating frequency of the electricity to the motor.
Motors run on 60 cycle power. A VFD reduces the cycles as a way to slow down the motor.
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A drive changes voltage and frequency.

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