New Wiring for Bathroom Remodel requirements


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New Wiring for Bathroom Remodel requirements

I'm a DIYer with a pretty good ability to wire up new circuits.

I've gutted my bathroom and have questions about how many circuits I need in the bathroom. I think I might be overdoing it.

I have 2 receptacles on either side of the double sink, 2 receptacles under the sink, multiple receptacles on the walls with about 4 foot spacings, receptacle for jacuzzi tub, circuit for towel warmer plus a couple circuits for lights + bathroom exhaust fans.

1. I'm protecting the lighting circuits via wiring them first to a GFCI receptacle located by the load panel. Lighting circuits go into GFCI wall mounted receptacle, then onto the load center. I'm using this to GFCI protect my lighting circuits. I was going to protect this with a standard breaker, but now I'm told this needs to be additionally protected with an Arc-fault breaker, is this correct?.

2. I think I misread the code about dedicated circuits for the bathroom. I interpreted this as dedicated circuit per receptacle, but I think this is way over the code requirements. So, this is what I'm thinking, all with GFCI receptacles simply to keep my wife from blowing circuits with her hair dryer + hot comb in the same receptacle:

Circuit #1 - 1 Left side + 1 right side sink receptacles + under-sink receptacle + 1/2 wall receptacles (GFCI in each receptacle box, some with LED night lights)
Circuit #2 - 1 Left side + 1 right side sink receptacles + under sink receptacle + 1/2 wall receptacles (GFCI in each receptacle box, some with LED night lights)
Circuit #3 - Jacuzzi (GFCI only)
Circuit #4 - Towel Warmer (GFCI only)
Circuit #5 - 1/2 lights + 1st bathroom fan (Arc fault + GFCI)
Circuit #6 - 1/2 lights + 2nd/3rd bathroom Fan (Arc Fault + GFCI)
Circuit #7 - Radiant Heating (Arc Fault + GFCI)

Is this reasonable, correct, etc. or not?

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Welcome to the forums!

How big is this bathroom and how many receptacles, total, are you installing?

The lights do not need GFCI protection. AFCI is probably a good idea

You only need to provide GFCI protection once for each receptacle circuit. Adding more GFCIs may result in nuisance tripping and will not protect against overload. The receptacle circuits need to be 20A circuits. The lighting and fans can be on a 15A circuits.

Why do you think you need more than one lighting and fan circuit? What is the total planned load for lighting and fans?

What is the load for the towel warmer?

How are you planning to provide both AFCI and GFCI protection for the radiant heating?

It looks like 5 circuits might do everything.

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