Equipotential Bonding of Swimming Pool


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Equipotential Bonding of Swimming Pool

Am I correct in my understanding of NEC article 680.26(B) that the required Equipotential Bonding of all conductive pool components is NOT to be extended or connected with the electrical grounding conductor for pool equipment such as the pump, lighting, sanitation system, receptacles, etc.?

Thanks for any help. Just want to be sure I'm doing this the right way.
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I don't have that article in front of me so I am not sure of the answer to your qeustion but ...

If one of the metal objects in the pool happens to be the frame (bezel) of a (perhaps decorative or accent) light fixture then that would cause the equipotential grid to become bonded to the equipment grounding conductor of the power feed. This is because, if A (here the equipotential grid) is bonded to B (here, the exposed light fixture frame parts) and B is bonded to C (here, the EGC of the power feed) then A is bonded to C.

Note that the neutral (aka grounded conductor) may not be attached to the EGC or to the equipotential grid or the frames of electrical equipment in the pool although the neutral is bonded "to ground" at the panel with the main disconnect switch or breaker.

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Metal parts of electrical equipment associated with the pool, outdoor spa, or outdoor hot tub water circulating system, such as water heaters, pump motors, and metal parts of pool covers shall be bonded to the equipotential grid.
Top 2008 NEC Changes; 680.26 Equipotential Bonding for Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs

2011 The Top Revisions to this Edition of the NEC
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I don't think it's saying that. I think it's saying that if a special grounding conductor is installed to drain stray voltage off the pool itself, that conductor doesn't have to be connected to the EGC - just to earth.
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The bonded parts around the pool just connect other metallic parts. They are not connected to the EGC or to a ground rod. The intent is to create a plane where everything is at the same potential so you will not receive a shock, AKA bird on a wire.

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