how to power external sum pump


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how to power external sum pump

I had to dig around my foundation to install perforated pvc pipes around the perimeter of the house to collect water and to dump it into a underground tank(40-50G), with a sump pump. All of that is done.

My question is how to plug the 20 ft electrical outlet from the sump pump to an outlet ?

1. I have a brick house, and I'd rather not install an outlet in the front of the house because 1) I don't like to destroy the brick and 2) I don't feel to secure having an outlet in front of the house. I have one in teh back, which is OK.

2. Someone told me that I can cut of the end-plug of the electrical cable, create a hole in between the bricks and and put the cable through it and then connect it to an existing outlet in the basement? Is this doable and safe ? This would be my ideal scenario, provided its safe, otherwise, I may have to go with option 1.

Any recommendations?

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I would go with option #1 and use an in-use cover (bubble cover) over a GFCI receptacle. You can mount it low to keep it less obvious, but too low and it could get covered with snow in the winter.

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