Locating a 220v extension outlet near plumbing


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Locating a 220v extension outlet near plumbing

I have a new range which doesn't have the space below to accommodate the outlet. The outlet is esentially a 220v extension cord which comes up through the floor. It is not recessed into the wall. It looked like it had been at one point, but the previous owner filled the hole with plaster. I removed the plaster this morning to find a 3" plumbing pipe. If I push the large plug into to wall so that my range can go all the way back, the plug will rest within 1/2" to 1" of the pipe. Is it hazardous to locate this outlet near the bathroom plumbing? If so, what other options would I have to move the plug into the wall so that my range can be flush instead of the 3" gap I now have? If i can can locate the plug near the plumbing, should i install something to keep the two from resting on each other? I appreciate any advise you may have.
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That's nothing but a drain or vent line.
There's no need to install anything to protect it.
Just leave a small space between the to.
The right way t do this would be to run the wire up through the bottom plate and add a box to the side of a stud for the new outlet to mount into.
May need a nailing plate where it come through the plate so someone does not install a sheetrock screw through it.
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The outlet is esentially a 220v extension cord which comes up through the floor.
Your house does not have 220 volts. You have 240. A stove usually is actually 120/240 not 240. An extension cord can not be run through a floor. an extension cord can not be used as permanent wiring.

This should be wired with three conductor +ground cable. (Two conductor +ground) is no longer permitted and can not be extended.) Either #8 or #6 depending on the stoves full load amps. Set a 4x4 box flush with the wall, run your cable in, and install your receptacle there.

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