panel & breaker size & calculating loads


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Question panel & breaker size & calculating loads

Would someone be able to help me with this.

here's the answers:

1)how many finished (or to be finished) square feet do you have in your house:

1000 s.f.

2) Gas or electric cooktop? If electric, more than one?

electric (2)

3) Gas or electric oven? If electric, more than one?

electric (2)

4) More than one kitchen?


5) Gas or electric home heat?


6) Gas or electric hot water? If electric, more than one?


7) Gas or electric clothes drying? If electric, more than one?

electric (2)

8) If you use air conditioning, how many tons?

have a new one (not sure of the tonage)

9) Hot tub?


10) Jacuzzi?


11) Pool?


12) More than one garbage disposal, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator?

2 microwave, 2 dishwasher,
2 refrigerator.

13) Freezer?


14) Welding?


15) Kilns?


16) Any other unusual and large loads

2 washing machines
1 3/4 bath
1 full bath

the existing panel has 100 amp main breaker, I am wondering what size i would need or if i could install a sub panel to handle additional loading. Currently the house is running on the 100 amp panel with one of each of the things above. I am adding a kitchen in the basement (fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave) as well as another laundry set (electric) and am adding a shower to the current basement half bath. Also if i can install a sub panel, what is the largest one that i can get with the 100 amp service/main panel? ex. 50% of main 75% 100% so 100 amp main panel 50 amp sub. etc.

Thanks for any responses.

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The CEC should have a section to tell us how to do a demand load calculation.
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Welcome to the forums!

If you have Excel, you can plug your information into this template: Mike Holt Residential Load Calculator.

These values are based on the NEC, not the CEC.

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Load is load, and Canada supplies the same service we do. I can't see any reason the calculators wouldn't work equally well in both countries.

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