12 volts battery + 12 volts car air compressor


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Hi guys. I have this air compressor: B41 lot 109 - MVP Protech 250 psi air compressor

but The only way to make it run is to plug it into a car. Can I buy this battery:
Powerfit 12-Volt 4AH SLA Battery | Canadian Tire

And then wire it to my compressor and it'll make it work? If so, would it drain the battery to much or I can make it run for 6-7 mins at a time for a couple of times? I know this may sound like a really easy question but I just wanted to be sure.

Hey, how do I recharge that thing by the way? ahah

Thanks in advance - Rocknroll911

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Welcome to the forums.

That compressor probably draws around 6-8 amps of power. That 4ah battery will only give you minutes of service..... like 1 or 2. The only way to know the exact time is by trying it.

I'm not sure of your application but a lawn tractor or motorcycle battery will give you better short time use. Actually, a 10ah version of the battery you linked to would be better too.
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You might do better with one of these for a few more bucks.
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Thanks for the responses. Maybe I'll take Powerfit 12-Volt 12AH SLA Battery | Canadian Tire
Or maybe I'll just buy a normal manual pump like one of those http://www.harborfreight.com/media/c...mage_14815.jpg

Have a good day!

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